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    Mohd Yahya
    Mohd Yahya

    4 years ago The medical center is really nice it has two blocks one at left and one at the right side, The left block is about dental and general doctors, and the right block is speciality medical center. We go to Jupiter medical center whenever we are sick because it's really close to our house and the place is not very crowded, i love the way the staff take care of their patients and satisfy them in a best possible way they can, and the good thing is if they do not have the right doctor for you or if they want any diagnostics then they will refer you to the nearest medical centers or diagnostics which is really good. In the evening time there is problem with the parking and make sure to park your car outside if there is no parking inside and pay for outside parking as it's rta parking. I would love if they provide a free Wi-Fi for the visitors and their patients. Anyway I would suggest everyone to visit for their illness.

      Bijosh P S
      Bijosh P S

      Recently I had a problem with my ear imbalance, sinus and other disorders hence consulted with Dr. Abdul Rahman , ENT Specialist in Jupiter clinic Karama. After his treatment I am perfectly fine now. He is very professional, understanding and listens to your concerns. He takes time with the patient to help them with their health issues! I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a ENT specialis

        Reshma Mathew
        Reshma Mathew

        I would like to extend my heartfelt thankfulness for ENT Specialist Dr. Abdul Rahman for his sincere care, skill and professionalism extended when a fish bone got stuck in my throat and I approached him for consultation. Even though I was very upset because of pain, he removed it through his skill full approach. Dr. Abdul Rahman’s quality and integrity as a an ENT specialist and more fundamentally as a human is highly appreciated. Thank you so much for taking care of me and being so skilled at what you do. My whole family and friends and colleagues approach him when ever they are in need of medical consultation.

          Sridhar K
          Sridhar K

          I visited the medical center to get some tests for my aged father in law. Dr George has a very thorough approach and was very kind and considerate. Staff nurse Vineetha was very helpful, the entire team was very professional and even called us (sister Navya) to confirm we received the email. The place is spacious and clean as well

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